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Pitch-your-Product Award

Where Innovation meets International Channels

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July 8th 10:00 CET

Pitch-your-Product Award is a new online show hosted by ChannelHub with a mission to connect Consumer Tech Vendors with Distributors & Retailers from around the World in a short and interactive way.

The show happens on a monthly basis and at every session a selection of 10 products is presented to the audience during a live session. Buyers in attendance are invited to vote for the best product of the month.  

Click here to download the full report of previous session

How it Works?

  • Each vendors has 5 min to present his product (max 10 vendors per session)
  • No PowerPoint slides, only live video stream
  • Distributors and Retailers vote live to select the best product of the Month
  • After the session, we help buyers contact vendors sales team if they are interested.  

Result of Pitch-your-Product Award in June

Click & Grow - Winner June 2020
Sum Product Finalist June 2020
PanzerGlass - Finalist 2020
Celly - Finalist 2020
Kyvol - Finalist 2020
Evolis Badgy - Semi Finalist June 2020
Tata - Semi Finalist June 2020
Monoprice - Semi Finalist June 2020
Benga Blu Care O3 - Semi Finalist June 2020
OnaOff - Semi Finalist June 2020

Vendors feedback..

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 09.53.54
Vendors application July 8th

Some of the buyers who attended our previous sessions..

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What buyers say about the show...

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BUYERS application July 8th